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Scott Lynch
10th Anniversary Trilogy
Lies of Locke Lamora
Red Seas Under Red Skies
The Republic of Thieves
All matched signed and numbered editions
Mark Lawrence HOLY SISTER
Signed Lined and Dated  £39
The Complete Trilogy
Red Sister / Grey Sister / Holy Sister All Signed Lined and Dated   £295
Red Sister is almost impossibe to find as a HB
Email for details
Mark Lawrence NEW SERIES
One Word Kill
Signed and Numbered Ltd Edition
Newsletter subscribers orders already pre-sold
Very low stock now available £69
email for availability 
Brandon Sanderson 
Signed and Numbered (150) UK Ltd Eds.
(New Series)
Newsletter subscribers pre-orders all sold out
so now as we have only a few copies left
(10th Anniversary Edition)
Also a Complete Trilogy of a Matched Numbered Set
The Final Empire / The Well of Ascension / The Hero of The Ages
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